I have been writing what is often referred to as MM Romance or Male/Male Romance. Gay Romance is often used to describe the genre as well, but not every man who’s in a relationship with a man identifies as gay.

Since I’m bisexual, I’m likely a bit more reactive and aware of bi-erasure, so I’ve always used MM over Gay, and some people feel there’s a huge difference between the two. That’s not a debate I’m willing to dip my toe in, but I don’t want to exclude bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, or sexually fluid people from the equation.

More and more, I find myself using the term queer to identify myself. Part of that is taking back a word that was turned against us, but some of that is influenced by my daughter. Younger people have embraced queer wholly. Personally, I love the umbrella nature of it. With so many labels separating us into groups, it’s nice to have a word that brings us back together. Kudos to Millenials and iGen/Centennials, or whatever word the next generation will eventually be called.

Because queer covers not only sexual orientation but also gender identity and gender expression that is outside of cis and hetero, which is what I plan to write, I may call my writing queer romance from time to time. I don’t want to be limited in my writing or boxed in, as I’ve been feeling with my other pen names. So the queer umbrella feels very good to me.


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