Welcome! I write romance and am just getting started here on my website. I have 19 books published under two other pen names, but Mack Honey is my little experiment. Over the years, I’ve added more and more rules about what I can and can’t do when writing under those pen names, so many that I’ve felt stifled.

I’m hoping that writing under my new name, one that actually takes me back to the first name I was ever given, I’ll be able to come back to writing with the wide-eyed optimism and risk taking that I experienced when putting pen to paper.

So take a look around. This will be a work in progress for some time, but feel free to follow the blog or find me on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. I also have a Facebook Page I hope you’ll visit and click on Like. When I get my Amazon, Instafreebie, and Bookbub pages created, I’ll share the links with you.

Have a sweet & spicy day!

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Eventually testimonials will go here. I need to publish some books first! 😉

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